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After enthusiastic stories friend about the steamer Italsteam and unsuccessful Ironing skirts began to look for a suitable variant of the steamer. Looking for, of course, sooooo long but still found a good helper.It, first, helps to steam the even complex folds without causing fear of the burning material.Second, it helps to smooth things with pleats pattern, with all their newly gained/sewn into the fabric of things (I have a tee shirt with the iron "holes", which is a conventional iron to flatten without propective these releasecheck on the opposite side.Thirdly, lightweight, comfortable, easy to handle, heats up quickly and gives a good, fairly powerful jet of steam.Fourth, is the nozzle-brush, by means of which simultaneously with the steam to clean clothes, for example, from cat hair.And finally, fifth, is inexpensive. I bought it somewhere around 1.5 thousand. virtually no Drawbacks. The only thing - a little "spits" and leaves wet traces (therefore reduced the rating because you need to wait until dry). But the drop then dried up. Divorce I noticed. Learned how to do arrows on the pants even after washing. Sooooo convenient. Hang pants on a hanger with clothespins, cling to the waist of trousers on the arrows. Cling the hanger on the door with a towel or a sheet, the steam is pressed against the door, and am up and down. Even on two legs at the same time the Arrows are clear.Was to steam winter jacket... Please fotochki.... Just warning you, the photographer, I'm not really..... , My choice after studying reviews on the Internet fell on a hand steamer MAXWELL MW-3704 VT (why specify in the merits). The most important advantage for hand-held steamer is that it can be poured 200 ml. of water, not like many famous models 50 and 60 ml. at a much higher price. The purchase cost me 2790 rubles. The first steamer tried a 12-year-old son on his kimono that forgot to wash after , Почитав отзывы и сравнив цены, остановилась на maxwell mw-3704 vt. Купила полтора года назад. Удобный, компактный, в комплекте мешочек для хранения и щётка для чистки одежды и ковров. Отверстие для заливки воды мне не .
40 отзывов от владельцев Maxwell MW-3704 VT. Фотографии и характеристики Maxwell MW-3704 VT., Пароочистилели Maxwell MW-3704 VT в Москве Цена увеличению цены уменьшению цены Популярность популярности вниз популярности вверх, Отпариватель Maxwell MW-3704 VT: отзывы покупателей на Яндекс.Маркете. Достоинства и недостатки товара. Важная информация о товаре Отпариватель Maxwell MW-3704 VT: описание, фотографии, цены, варианты , Почитав отзывы и сравнив цены, остановилась на maxwell mw-3704 vt . Купила полтора года назад. Купила полтора года назад., , .
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