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Dear All,I dare not risk using other ATF`s than the ones stated in the owners manual.The newer generation cars are using another spec higher than the previousones. And yes, the Sentra uses Matic-D. I even asked the local Redline dealer to do a search for me on theirRedline D4 ATF. They need 2 days to find out. (Thanks)Tan Chong Sec 14 workshop were rude and uneducated over this issue. Theytell me they only use Castrol. When ask what Castrol..they dunno?I even ask them, "what if the Murano and March comes in to do an ATF changeand you don`t have the Matic-J?"Simple answer from them .. "None came yet".After seaching the world wide web for 2 days, I found 9-10 alternatives.But all but 1 is not available in Malaysia `yet`. The one that is available locally (thank goodness)for my car is HAVOLINEATF-J and it`s retailing at RM28/ltr., Hey Guy's, It's about time for me to Drain and Fill the AT on my '13 Frontier. I've decided to try and stay with Nissan Matic S, since there will be quiet a bit of the OE ATF still in the system., Page 1 of 3 - Nissan ATF Matic J alternative - posted in Nissan Owners Forum: Dear All, Most new model Nissans requires this ATF (ie, Murano, 350Z, Presage,March, Cube).Im driving the Cube and could not find this ATF locally. Do you guys knowof any alternatives?Thanks.
Масло для автоматической коробки передач nissan atf matic j ke90899932 для автомобилей НИССАН последнего поколения., Жидкость для автоматических трансмиссий марки Nissan, специально разработана и утверждена компанией Nissan., Масло для автоматических коробок передач Nissan ATF MATIC D KE90899931 для автомобилей НИССАН., The J Matic fluid is a fluid for life. However if you prefer to change, then the old J Matic Fluid ( Nissan Matic J: Part Number KE908 99932 has been superseded by Nissan Matic S (J) Part Number 999MP MTS00P which is readily available from Nissan dealerships., nissan matic j atf fluid nissan matic j vs d nissan matic j replacement nissan matic j equivalent nissan matic j vs k nissan matic j atf equivalents nissan m, Use where Nissan Matic-J Fluids are required in NISSAN, INFINITI, and other make vehicles. Provides smoother low temperature shifting and maintains proper fluid pressure in hot weather. Check your vehicle's operator's manuals for manufacturer's service recommendations..
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